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The Faroe Islands, an archipelago of 18 islands, are remotely located in the North Atlantic Ocean. But it is easily reachable from Europe by flight. Tórshavn is the point of entry to the Faroe Islands.

Get in

By plane
One can take a flight from Denmark, France, Iceland, Norway and Scotland to Vaga (an airport on Vagar Island). The Faroe Islands are served by Vága airport on the neighbouring island Vágar. Atlantic Airways flies to the Faroe Islands regularly. And one can reach Tórshavn by bus from the airport.

By ferry
Smyril Line offers ferry services from Denmark and Iceland to Tórshavn. You can also board your car on a boat.

By car
One can take a car on the ferry to Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

Get around

A public transport system well connects all towns, counties in the Faroe Islands. Buses run every half an hour from the centre on weekdays and every hour on weekends. Remote and small villages are reachable by helicopter, a service operated by Atlantic Airways which is subsidised by the government.

Getting around in Tórshavn by car, rental car or bike is the best way to explore the natural beauty of the land. Roads, bridges or underwater tunnels well connect many islands.

While in Tórshavn or other towns, the language won't be a problem as most locals speak and understand English.

The Faroe Islands is the safest country globally, but always check weather conditions and travel rules before starting your journey.

Here are a few words and phrases that might help you out when you land up in Tórshavn

1) Hello- Hallo / Hey

2 )Good morning - Góðan morgun

3) Good night - Góða nátt

4) Have a nice day - Hav ein góðan dag

5) Welcome – Vælkomin

6) Sorry - Orsaka meg!

7) Get well soon - Góðan bata

8) Help! - Hjálp!

9) Where's the toilet? - Hvar er vesi?

10) How are you? - Hvussu gongur? Hvussu gongur tað?

11) What's your name? - Hvussu eitur tú?

12) Where are you from? - Hvaðani koma tygum?

13) Call the police! - Ringið eftir løgregluni!

14) Thank you - Takk / Takk fyri