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The Faroe Islands and the cities that it encircle have a good internal transport system based on roads, ferries, and helicopters.

The land of Torshavn is accessible by all the three modes of transportation. Be it through airways, by car, by bus or through a boat.

Other places of tourist attraction are easily accessible from Torshavn by helicopter as well and that too at affordable rates.

Mode of transportation by boat is not that much in demand as it limits you options and consumes a great deal of time. Some of the cargo ships that travel to & from other distant places like Denmark, Norway and Scotland on their route to Iceland stop at the Faroe Islands in the harbor of Torshavn. Travelers take help of these routes who are thrilled with adventure and are willing to spend days for a trip to the Torshavn.

Vágar Airport connects the world to the town of Torshavn, where the Atlantic Airways is the national airlines of the Faroe Islands with its base. Built by British Royal Engineers during World War II on the island of Vágar, this airport is one of the deadliest and most dangerous airports in the world and also the main operating base for Faroese national airline Atlantic Airways.

You can take the Atlantic Airways helicopter service that connects to most of the destinations and remote islands as well. Bus services are available in plenty in each direction per day that connect the Vagar airport and Tórshavn.

Language is not a barrier, as most of the localities and tourist places in Torshavn deal in international language like English.

Here are few words and phrases that might help you out when you land up in Torshavn: (English/Faroese)

1) Hello- Hallo / Hey

2 )Good morning - Góðan morgun

3) Good night - Góða nátt

4) Have a nice day - Hav ein góðan dag

5) Welcome – Vælkomin

6) Sorry - Orsaka meg!

7) Get well soon - Góðan bata

8) Help! - Hjálp!

9) Where's the toilet? - Hvar er vesi?

10) How are you? - Hvussu gongur? Hvussu gongur tað?

11) What's your name? - Hvussu eitur tú?

12) Where are you from? - Hvaðani koma tygum?

13) Call the police! - Ringið eftir løgregluni!

14) Thank you - Takk / Takk fyri