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Tórshavn hosts some festivals where many locals, as well as people from the nearby places, participate actively. The festivals like the Ólavsøka Festival and the Tórshavn Jazz Festival are the major celebrations of Tórshavn.

Tórshavn Jazz Festival

Tórshavn Jazz Festival, popularly called the Tórshavn Jazz, Folk, and Blues Festival is an annual music festival held since 1983. Generally held in August, the festival attracts musicians from all over North America and Europe. It is a week-long celebration that almost leads to congestion in the harbour during that period. You can find local musicians and customary performers at the festival who rock the atmosphere.

Ólavsøka Festival

The Ólavsøka Festival is an annual festival on the Faroe Islands held on 29th July commemorates the death of Saint Olaf. The official celebration starts with the opening of the Faroese Parliament and begins with a service held in Tórshavn Cathedral. On this day, festivities are held in Tórshavn that commence from 28th evening and continues till July. The festival consists of dance, sports and exhibitions that create a great enthusiasm in the town's atmosphere. The major attraction during this fiesta is the boat race in the harbour, where traditional wooden rowing boats participate.

G! Festival

The G! Festival (G! or G! Festivalur or G! Festivalurin) is an annual musical festival held annually in July in the village Gøta, but before the Ólavsøka festival. It is a cultural event for leading international and local musicians.


Summarfestivalurin (the Summer Festival) is a music festival that takes place in Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands. Started in 2004, the event is a treat for music lovers.

Faroese National Day

The Faroese National Day celebrated on St. Ólav's Day, i.e. on 29th July, along with the Ólavsøka midsummer festival, is one of the most admirable national events of Tórshavn. Preparations begin at least a week before where people from all over the country assemble. The traditional Faroese chain dance sways the streets of the city and makes it a happening event.