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The Vesturkirkjan Church:
Vesturkirkja, with it's pyramid shaped copper spire, can be seen from most of Tórshavn.

The church is Torshavn's one of the popularly visited place. Especially its outside art work by Hans Pauli Olsen grabs your attention that you wish like capturing the moment you reach the church.

Born in 1957 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands,Hans Pauli Olsen is a sculptor based in Denmark who is one of the most popular artists in the Faroes.

Address: Landavegur
About 20 minutes walk from the town centre, Torshavn

Photo Credit:Creative Commons/Erik Christensen

Often visited for its outdoor Museum, Hoyvik lies on the outskirts of Torshavn. In contrast to many outdoor museums this place is basically known for its farm. Believed to be a very old arrangement the old farmhouse date back to the 17th century. It functions as an open air museum that pulls a great deal of mob.
Besides this, the other attractions in Hoyvík are the gymnasium and the Faroese Historical Museum.
A free trade agreement between the Faroe Islands and Iceland was signed in Hoyvík in the year 2005 at the Historical Museum called the Hoyvík Agreement.
Address: Kúrdalsvegur 2, Hoyvik,Torshavn
Tel: +298 31 07 00
The Skansin Fort:
According to legend, this stone fort was constructed in 1580 by Faroese national hero Magnus Heinason to protect Tórshavn from pirates. It didn't work all that well against foreign powers, however: the fort was destroyed by the French in 1677 and again by the British in 1808. The fort was constructed in its present form by the Danish in the early 19th Century. The fort was also used as a command post by the British during World War II. Today, you can wander through the stone works, admire the modern lighthouse in its midst, and enjoy views of the area.
There's not all that much to the fort, but it's worth a look. There are some cannons are on the fort, and it offers some good views both of Tórshavn and across the bay to the island of Nolsoy.
On top of the fort is a lighthouse.
Address: Right next to the ferry terminal, Near the lighthouse,Torshavn