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Museums and art galleries in and around Tórshavn displaying paintings, sculptures, art, history and culture of the Faroe Islands. Here is a list of museums and galleries in Tórshavn.

National Museum of the Faroe Islands

The National Museum of the Faroe Islands (Tjóðsavn Føroya) is the national museum located in Tórshavn. The museum has exhibitions showcasing rocks and minerals, plants and fish, birds, farming and maritime items. Kirkjubøur, the ornately carved bench, is the most important cultural item of the National Museum.


The farm of Hoyvíksgarður is situated outside Tórshavn. It is an open-air museum displaying an old Faroese farm with its houses, stables and surroundings. This place is known for its farm and is believed to be an ancient arrangement. The old farmhouse date back to the 17th century. Besides this, the other attractions in Hoyvík are the gymnasium and the Faroese Historical Museum. A free trade agreement between the Faroe Islands and Iceland was signed in Hoyvík in 2005 at the Historical Museum called the Hoyvík Agreement.
Address: Kúrdalsvegur 2, Hoyvik,Tórshavn

Saga Museum

Saga Museum, situated in Vestmanna Tourist Centre in Streymoy, is the wax museum in the Faroe Islands. It features around 17 life-like figures that tell the story of the Viking period in Faroese history.
Address: Fjarðarvegur 2, FO-350 Vestmanna

Listasavn Føroya (National Art Gallery of the Faroe Islands)

Listasavn Føroya is an art museum located at the northern end of the Park of Tórshavn. It lies near the Nordic House and is known for everlasting exhibits of Faroese arts. Established in 1989, the museum has an arcade called Listaskáli, a coffee shop and a book and art store. Every year, it remains closed from 15th December through 15th January. Keep this in mind before scheduling your visit to the museum.
Address: 9 Gundadalsvegur, Thorshavn 100, Faroe Islands

Listagluggin Art Gallery

Address: Dr. Jacobsensgøta 15, Tórshavn

Steinprent Gallery

Address: Skálatrøð 16, Tórshavn

Gallery Focus

Address: Doktor Jakobsensgøta 15, FO-100 Tórshavn