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Basically the quite ambiance in the city of Torshavn gives it a romantic feel. The beautiful landscapes midst the scenic locales makes you feel like vising the nearby islands again and again. Despite this, the nighthawks do have some of the best places to hangout to have some rocking moments.

A few good nightclubs are available in Torshavn where you can spend your evenings amidst a splendid atmosphere. Drinking, dancing and entertainment venues along with dance floors,a DJ with recorded and pop music keeps you entertained.

Gr. Kambans gøta 13, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 321345/281345
Havnar Klubbi
Tinghúsvegur, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel. +298 311552/312736
La Terasse
Tórsgøta 11, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 314440
Magnus Heinarsonargøta 15 FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 319696
Mica Café & Pub
Niels Finsens gøta 12, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 310307/210307
Varðagøta 2, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 315217
Tinghúsvegur 6, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 316363
Café Natúr Áarvegur 7,FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 580000
Sverrisgøta 22, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 311565
Tinghúsvegur 6, FO-100 Torshavn
Tel: +298 316363