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Andreas i Vagsbotn

A big souvenir shop in Torshavn is 'Andreas i Vagsbotn'. It is near the harbor of Torshavn and offers a lot of local craftwork and all other typical Faroese souvenirs.

You will find puffin-stuff, Faroese flags, clothes, cards and much more... The people over there may or may not be that much friendly, but still you can try your luck if enter with a smile on your face and ofcourse a will to buy something.

Good array of knitted goods and a wide range of other Faroese and Nordic gifts are also availble in plenty. To avail benefits you can partipate in the VAT Free schemes as well, wherein knitwear, Faorese design from Diana Borgnyardóttir, Snældan, Toting is made accessible.

Address: 4 Vágsbotnur, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands

Niels Finsens Gota

The Niels Finsens Gota is the big shopping street in Torshavn. It is not that special, but it has a nice atmosphere!!

The main shopping street in Tórshavn is Niels Finsens Gøta (incidently named after Faroese Doctor Niels R Finsen, who won the nobel prize in 1903)

There are a number of tourist shops along here, as well as the Tourist Information Centre. An excellent bookshop, selling books in English, Faroese and Danish attracts the bookworm kinda people but still the hope for people inclined towards other interests is also catered.

Address: Niels Finsens Gøta, Torshavn

SMS Shopping Centre

SMS Shopping Center or SOS Shopping Center as it is occasionally known, contains Torshavn's largest supermarket Miklagarður. A few fast food outlets and a few other interesting stores are lined up here.

It is really an interesting experience to visit it atleast once where you do get surprised by the number of shops over the nearby surrounding as well.

Especially the weekends are enjoyable when you just finish up with your week long official stuff and simply wanna relax by spending some relaxing moments. Thus, going for shopping to see what is happening down town becomes the top most priority of your wish-list. This place gives you that feeling and certainly the ambiance to suit it with a buzz. A great atmosphere amidst everything from books,clothes,plants and medicine exhibits help you to fulfill your desire and needs.

Address: A Trapputrodni, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands


Sirri is the Faroese clothing company. They use organic, all natural dye free yarn from pure Faroese wool and their products do really well. The local alongwith the tourists can buy their products in the Faroes, Denmark and Norway too. A wonderfully warm jumper or scarf is simply the best things to be bought for your loved one.

Address: Fútastova, Gongin 5, 100 Tórshavn


This Shop has a wide range of music from across the Nordic region and elsewhere. Here, recording facilities are also made available on request.

Address: Reynagøta 12, FO 100 - Tórshavn