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Tórshavn, Klaksvík and Runavík are the prominent shopping locations in the Faroe Islands. Shopping in Tórshavn is fun, and on top of it, it is tax-free. Plenty of shops in Tórshavn are in small wooden houses, stores selling various items like books, glassware, pottery, cloths (international brands to local brands) etc. All shops are situated near the city centre. Also, the famous supermarket chain Mylnan has many stores around the town.

Niels Finsens Gota

The Niels Finsens Gota is the big shopping street in Tórshavn. It was named after Faroese Doctor Niels R Finsen, who won the Nobel prize in 1903. There are many shops and a Tourist Information Centre on the street.

SMS Shopping Centre

SMS Shopping Centre or SOS Shopping Centre contains Tórshavn's largest supermarket Miklagarður. A few fast-food outlets and several stores are lined up here. It contains stores selling everything from books, clothes, plants and medicines.
Address: A Trapputrodni, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands


Sirri is the Faroese clothing company. They use organic, natural, dye-free yarn from pure Faroese wool. The products are available in Faroes, Denmark and Norway too. A wonderfully warm jumper or scarf is simply the best thing to buy for your loved one.
Address: Fútastova, Gongin 5, 100 Tórshavn


This shop has a wide range of music from across the Nordic region and elsewhere. Music recording facilities are also available on request.
Address: Reynagøta 12, FO 100 - Tórshavn