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Faroese National Day

The Faroese National Day celebrated on St. Ólav's Day, i.e. on 29th July, along with the Ólavsvaka midsummer festival is one of the most admirable national event of Torshavn. Preparations for the special day begin at least a week before where people from all over the country and the foreign guests assemble. The traditional Faroese chain dance sways the streets of the city and makes it a happening event.

It is the day of the year when the national rowing competition finals are held. The major highlights in Faroese during this time are sports. In addition, there are art exhibitions, folk music, and Faroese chaindance performances too.


For those who are interested in sport, Torshavn has a lot to offer. You can find an open air stadium that welcomes you with open arms. Its astro-turf football pitches, sports stadiums, sheltered courts for badminton, tennis courts, and an indoor swimming pool gives you a platform to lighten up and stretch your wings, especially the adventure enthusiasts.

Island Tours

Being geographically the centre of the islands, Torshavn provides first-rate opportunities for taking trips all over the islands. For this, travel connections by bus and ferry are very good that you can actually enjoy with your beloved.

The port of Torshavn is the main harbor in the Faroe Islands that has kept pace with the increasing demands of business activities during recent years. It provides visitors with ships and crews through all the necessary services and lends a hand that may be required.

Horse Riding/Bird Watching/Trips

Enjoy horse riding in the town of Torshavn and its nearby villages such as Havnadalur and Glyvursnes and islands as well. Bird watching tours on the island of Nolsoy; hiking and walking at Kolturshamar Mountain; boat trips to the cliffs north of Vestmanna; and bus tours to the villages and areas surrounding the town.

At night, visit Torshavn Theatre where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, chain dancing, and Faroese cuisine with some pleasant (though expensive) bars and a choice of fine fresh seafood restaurants take time out to relax.