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Hiking and Camping

Hiking is the best way to explore the mountains, land and valleys. Also, get a chance bird watching is also on this hike, and you may expect to see some Great Skua's, Whimbrels, Oystercatchers, puffins (from a distance), fulmars and more.

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The Faroe Islands are home to millions of birds. Each summer, thousands of birds migrate to the Faroe Islands to breed, and this is a great time to go to Tórshavn and watch the birds, including puffins, fulmars, gannets, common and black guillemots, kittiwakes and razorbills and many more. The three places mentioned below are the best birdwatching spots.

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Diving & Scuba Diving

Diving is one of the popular activities in the Faroe Islands. Plan the adventure with a diving guide and explore the underwater world. Winter is the best time when the water temperature is low, and even the visibility is good.

Faroe Islands Highlights

Visit Kirkjubøur village and discover historical sites, including the Magnus Cathedral ruins, the Saint Olav's Church, and the old farmhouse Kirkjubøargarður. Head to Tjornuvik village, followed by Gjogv and Haldarsvík villages.

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Explore Top Visited Faroe Islands

Discover the beauty of nature on these six magnificent islands, including Kalsoy Island Seal Woman, Kalso, Kunoy, and more.

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Guided Tour to Vagar Island

Experience a journey through an underwater tunnel to reach Vagoy Island. Spend time at the famous waterfall, Múlafossur, in the Gásadalur village. The head to Bøur and Sandavágur villages and a hike of the Trælanípan (lake above the ocean).

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Horse Riding

Enjoy horse riding in the town of Tórshavn and its nearby villages such as Havnadalur and Glyvursnes and islands as well.

Sailing and Cruising

These hidden gems in the Faroe Islands may have limited interaction with crowds:

  • Kalsoy Island Classic | Special Tour – 5 Islands In One Day
  • Mykines | The Puffin Paradise
  • Vagar Island | Highlights
  • Sandoy | The Saga Island & Kirkjubøur
  • Kallur Lighthouse + Kalsoy Island Classic | Special Tour – 5 Islands In One Day