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Torshavn, the capital and largest town of the Faroe Islands is located in the southern part on the east coast of Streymoy.

In the course of the last few years, voyage to the Faroes have remarkably enhanced by a long way so much so that it actually contributed to a growth in the tourism of the town.

One can find the Faroes full of spectacular landscapes, exhilarating historical legends, amazing animal species, an influential cultural heritage and the presence of friendly individuals, who are habituated to living in close accord with nature. Today, the Faroes have been transformed into a highly modern society with exceptional means of transportation, a good & diverse housing, and all-embracing tourist attractions.

Torshavn means ‘Thor's Harbor’, named after the god of thunder and lightning in Norse mythology. Founded in the 10th century, it is considered to be one of the oldest capitals in Northern Europe. The city of Torshavn has fish-processing plants, a shipyard, and produces woolen products that add to the economy and of the town.

Known mostly for the Vikings, Torshavn is surrounded with mountain Húsareyn to its north at a height of about 1140ft and Kirkjubøreyn to the southwest at 1100ft height. Fishing, fish processing, shipbuilding, construction and handicrafts are the major activities of the Faroese people.

The Faroese government situated in the remarkable Tinganes peninsula of Torshavn town was initially located on Tinganes. Since 1856, it has been located on the town square, Vaglið where the city was temporarily occupied during World War II by few dynasties.

The early days of Viking settlement at Torshavn begins more than thousand years ago where it’s administrative and political centre and the Faroese Government offices positioned in the old listed buildings add to the historic glory of the town.

Today, Torshavn looks like a modern town owing to modern communication and infrastructure. It is not much isolated as it used to be in the past centuries. It has even retained its unique character, mesmerizing charm that sets its different from any other capital in the world.

The city witness a budding number of people who come to it to enjoy its harbors, striking and dramatic scenery, countryside sea, age-old history, culture and the old fortress built in 1630 to protect the market from pirates. This has remarkably increased its population.

People of Torshavn speak the Faroese language. Like in other languages, vowels in Faroese are long, when standing in stressed syllable and not followed by two or three consonants. Hence one must be well-versed with its usage.

CountryAutonomous Province- Faroe Islands
CityTorshavn or Thorshavn
Founded10th Century
Area172.9 km² (61 sq mi)
Population19,165 (Year - 2017)
Time ZoneGMT- Summer(DST)EST (UTC+1)
CurrencyFaroese króna² (DKK)
Official languageFaroese
Airport:Vagar, FA (Airport)
Postal Code100