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The Faroe Islands (Faroes or Faeroes) are a North Atlantic archipelago located between Norway and Iceland. It is an autonomous territory of Denmark. Tórshavn lies on the southeastern edge of the Streymoy island and is the capital of the Faroes. Húsareyn mountain lies to the northwest of Tórshavn, and Kirkjubøreyn mountain lies to the southwest of Tórshavn. The Sandá River separates these mountains.

The islands are rugged with perpendicular cliffs. The land is composed of volcanic rocks covered by a thin layer of peat soil. The coasts are deeply indented with fjords, and the passages between islands are agitated by strong tidal currents.

The harbour adds a charm to the city with the grass-roofed, maroon-coloured warehouses. The port of Tórshavn, the main harbour in the Faroe Islands, has kept pace with the increasing demands of business activities until recent years. It provides visitors, ships and crews, with all the necessary services and all sorts of help that an individual may require.


The climate is subpolar oceanic and cool, windy, wet and cloudy. The weather is generally mild and cool all year round, with temperatures rarely exceeding 20°C (68°F) or dropping below zero in winter. The average temperature in winter is 5°C (41°F), around 12°C (54°F) in summer. The warm North Atlantic current helps the harbours free of ice.

The best time to visit Tórshavn is in summer (June - August).