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The city of Torshavn lies on the southeastern edge of the island of Streymoy. Being the capital of the barren archipelago of the Faroes, the rocky site of the Alting and the annual Viking parliament appear almost rare. In fact it just looks like a cultural hybrid of old and new that truly sets it apart irrespective of lack of natural resources.

Torshavn’s culture provides good opportunities for taking trips all over the islands as it is geographically the centre of the islands. Travel connections by bus and ferry are very good.

The city's harbor actually add a traditional charm to the town by means of the grass-roofed, maroon-colored warehouses. The Faroes' trading was administered during Danish colonial times that now house the government offices.

The port of Torshavn which is the main harbor in the Faroe Islands has kept pace with the increasing demands of business activities till recent years. It provide visitors, ships and crews, with all the necessary services and all sorts of help that may be required by an individual.


The weather is generally mild & cool all year round, with temperatures rarely exceeding 20°C(68°F) or dropping below zero in winter. Basically, from October to March it rains on all but a few days a month only. Temperatures are never hot but it hardly ever gets really cold as well. Winter night temperatures are average, i.e. around 2°C, while average summer i.e. the period from July-August hover around a cool 12°.