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Tórshavn is the capital city of the Faroe Islands. It is a small city but an upcoming tourist destination worth a visit. There are some unique things to do and places to visit in this city. Many music and song festivals are held in summer to attract visitors from around the world.


It is the old part of Tórshavn and the historic location of the Faroese parliament. They are made up of small wooden houses covered with turf roofs, some dates back to almost 500 years. The parliament, which is one of the oldest parliamentary meeting places in the world, attracts thousands of visitors every year. The place is a beautiful collection of nature's beauty where water and land are in sync.

Tórshavn Cathedral

Tórshavn Cathedral (Havnar Kirkja or Dómkirkjan) is the second oldest church in the country. This white and slate-roofed building was established in 1788. Since 1990, It has been the seat of the Bishop of the Faroes.

Fort Skansin

Skansin fort is located near the Tórshavn port. It was constructed in 1580 by Faroese national hero Magnus Heinason to protect Tórshavn from pirates. The fort was destroyed by the French in 1677 and again by the British in 1808. It was constructed in its present form by the Danish in the early 19th Century. The fort was also used as a command post by the British during World War II. Today, you can wander through the stone works, admire the modern lighthouse in its midst, and enjoy views of Tórshavn and across the bay to the island of Nolsoy.

The Nordic House

It is the most important cultural institution in the Faroes. Opened in 1983, the Nordic House is designed by architects Ola Steen of Norway and Kolbrún Ragnarsdóttir of Iceland. It is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of modern Nordic architecture. Especially its dragon-like steel struts that provide stability against the strain and hurricane winds, turf-covered roof, interior with a large lobby, a café and a amphitheatre are some of the highlights that grab visitors' attention. The Nordic House regularly hosts art festivals and serves as a forum for Faroese and inter-Nordic cultural activities.

Vesturkirkjan Church

Vesturkirkja, with its pyramid-shaped copper spire, can be seen from most of Tórshavn. The church is one of the popularly visited places. Especially its outside artwork by Hans Pauli Olsen grabs your attention that you wish, like capturing the moment you reach the church.

Born in 1957 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Hans Pauli Olsen is a sculptor based in Denmark who is one of the most famous artists in the Faroes.


Kirkjubøur, the historical site, lies to the southernmost village on Streymoy, Faroe Islands. It is located on the west coast. The site has major attractions; namely, the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral, Saint Olav's Church, and the wooden house attract equal numbers.