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Torshavn has plenty to offer to its tourists as it is the cultural centre of the islands. Its beautiful Nordic House that was opened in 1983 is one of its kind for many cultural events of the Faroese and the Nordic Countries.

Besides this, a theatre, a new museum of Faroese art, cinemas, concert halls, libraries and a museum of antiquities with a special boat museum sing the historic glory of the Faroese.

The traditional Faroese dance accompanied by the old ballads tells stories of the Vikings, their lives and their battles.

The medieval heritage has helped in the survival of the Faroese culture and language till date. Apart from this, several music and song festivals are held during the summer that attracts a great number of visitors from the nearby locality to the city.


It is the old part of Torshavn and the historic location of the Faroese parliament. Made up of small wooden houses covered with turf roofs, some even dates back to almost 500 years.

The parliament, which is one of the oldest parliamentary meeting places in the world, attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The place is a beautiful collection of nature’s beauty where water and land are in sync with each other. It hereby attracts foreign visitors for its ancestral buildings as well that showcase the effect of venerable creations of the past.

The Nordic House

It is the most important cultural institution in the Faroes that host exhibitions. The Nordic House is a centre of great significance that sets various cultural events about the ethnicity of the Faroese and the Nordic Countries.

Opened in 1983, the Nordic House is designed by architects Ola Steen of Norway and Kolbrún Ragnarsdóttir of Iceland. Widely regarded as one of the finest examples of modern Nordic architecture, the Nordic House regularly hosts art festivals and serves as a forum for Faroese and inter-Nordic cultural activities.

Run by a committee of 8, of which 3 are Faroese and 5 from the outside Nordic countries, the Nordic House is a brilliant example of architecture for which material used has been brought from Scandinavia. Especially its dragon like steel struts that provide stability against the strain and hurricane winds, turf covered roof, interior with a large lobby, a café and a amphitheater are some of the highlights that grab the attention of large number of visitors.

Listasavn Føroya

Listasavn Føroya is Torshavns art museum located at the northern end of the Park of Torshavn. It lies in close immediacy to the Nordic House and is known for everlasting exhibits of Faroese arts.

Established in 1989, the museum has an arcade called Listaskáli , a coffee shop and a book and art store. Every year, it remains closed from December 15th through January 15th each year. So keep this in mind before scheduling your journey to this destination.

Visit Listasavn Føroya-The Faraoe islands art museum


Kirkjubøur, the momentous historical site lies to the southernmost village on Streymoy, Faroe Islands. Located on the west coast the place, it has got a ancient history. The site has major attractions viz- the ruins of the Magnus Cathedral, Saint Olav's Church and the wooden house that does attract equal number.